Leading law firms and legal services companies are switching to cicayda, finding that the innovations in our proprietary software vastly increase the efficiency in the way legal professionals work. Our software is elegantly designed, simple to use, workflow friendly, and lightning fast. Our unified platform, reprise, includes our robust review tool, advanced text and entity analytics, early case assessment, risks vs. costs analyzer, and super fast search engine all in one place, all designed and developed by us. Our methods put the litigation professional first, the machine second.

With solution pricing that is flexible and predictable, cicayda is the smart choice of eDiscovery professionals.


Cicayda: eDiscovery for 21st Century Lawyers

Marc Jenkins recently had the great honor of speaking at CodeX, Stanford University's Center for Legal Informatics. The joint program of the computer science department and the law school is bringing about legal empowerment through information technology. CodeX, the great companies it has brought into its ecosystem and cicayda are what happens when you combine legal code with computer code.

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"I have had the opportunity to use cicayda in connection with a rush project ... We have been very happy at every level, e.g., cost, responsiveness, project management, etc. In addition, we are working cicayda into the client matters in which we have been engaged to handle eDiscovery on a firm wide basis."

- Partner, AmLaw Top 15 Law Firm



the cicayda difference

Our professional consulting services challenge the status quo with a different mindset, one bent on winning rather than just doing work. Our attorneys on staff, professional discovery project managers, and tech mavens have handled thousands of eDiscovery matters, efficiently and successfully. We provide our clients with solid processes, tight budgets, and winning results.

Litigation processes and budgets are under pressure. We regularly find that our methods yield 20+% savings throughout the eDiscovery process.


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