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With a combined 150+ years in litigation experience, our managed services team gives you fingertip access to services, client-first litigation support, veteran project management, and keen consulting, along with the best technology solutions tailored to your big data needs and challenges. cicayda’s client services team customizes a total eDiscovery plan to fit the needs of your case as well as your budget.

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faster + reliable

We make your priority our Priority. Our experience, refined workflow and proactive approach ensure that your project moves through our system as rapidly as possible. We use state of the art technology and proven software to provide solid and reliable results- every time.

expert project design

Our primary goal is understanding every facet and nuance of your project. Our project managers, with their extensive experience, guide you through every step of your project to ensure perfect execution.


All of our processes from data collection, data culling, review, and data production are done with a great deal of planning and care. These processes focus on security and regulatory compliance. We are highly secure and compliance conscious. Your data is encrypted, limited to your access, and physically isolated and protected.

cicayda's managed services team is always ready and on demand for general counsel's office, law firms, and litigators.

cicayda eDiscovery processing services

faster, better, affordable, and always reliable

  • Pre-ProcessingExecute legal hold. Data collection. Chain of custody. Convert emails to searchable files.
  • Project BudgetingProject your costs accurately. Smart project budgeting.
  • DeduplicationEliminate redundancy. Narrow your review by date range, keyword, file type, etc.
  • de-NIST (NSRL) filterEliminate software system files and pare down your data.
  • Email ProcessingConvert email and ESI to TIFF images or searchable PDFs for your review & redaction
  • ReviewReview documents for privilege and relevancy - native or in selected load file formats
  • Production Production of your documents in your choice format.
  • QCQuality Control by our expert project managers for final pass and check-off.

eDiscovery consulting

On staff, we have a full-time expert knowledge strategist, Marc Jenkins. Marc is an attorney and professor of eDiscovery at Vanderbilt University Law School. Also, Marc writes a very popular blog on our website titled “Flipping the Gorilla”, which focuses on better ways to conduct eDiscovery in litigation so that you can not only find the "Gorilla" in your data, but flip him upside down to your advantage. learn more...

eDiscovery consulting services

  • Audit of eDiscovery expenditures and processes
  • Workflow and process design
  • Document retention policies, data maps, and third party sources of information
  • Data loss prevention methods & systems
  • New data sources - the Internet of Things
  • Litigation hold processes and procedures
  • Email retention policies
  • Social media policies
  • BYOD and COPE policies
  • Training
  • Managed document review
  • Administration of contracts
  • Expert testimony to establish reasonableness of process
  • Meet and confer preparation
  • Case management conference preparation
  • Proportionality argument analysis & preparation
  • Search methodology assistance

cicayda is your one-stop place
for all litigation support services.

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"I have had the opportunity to use cicayda in connection with a rush project ... We have been very happy at every level, e.g., cost, responsiveness, project management, etc. In addition, we are working cicayda into the client matters in which we have been engaged to handle eDiscovery on a firm wide basis."

- Partner, AmLaw Top 15 Law Firm