Cicayda has joined forces with TCDI, providing an expanded range of products and services in eDiscovery and Cybersecurity.

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Trusted in thousdands of matters, we work with some of the most trusted firms and corporations in the U.S. integrating our…
  • People – We are an energetic team of  legal professionals configured to scale around and support our clients. 
  • Innovation – Is a result of combining deep legal technology and expertise creating unique processes that drive more quickly and easily. 
  • Technology – Our technologies incorporate all the latest machine learning, techniques and security measures available. Our best for your best!  
… to intelligently deliver your complex legal discovery, review or production project.

Does any of this sound familiar?

(If so, we're ready to listen.)


Time spent collecting data and electronic documents that could be better spent practicing law.


You already have eDiscovery software and a team to operate it. It's costly. Is there a more effective, scalable solution? Would a different approach drive better results?


Your team was already busy and fully utilized. Then the big case dropped. How do you take the same care now that your resources are stretched?


People hire experts; Lawyers when they need legal help. Operating complex software, in complex litigation, by staff with diverse responsibilities might be introducing inefficiency. Would deeper, dedicated discovery expertise make you more efficient?


Your team is busy. Did you catch everything in the review...gather all the right evidence and produce the correct documents? Confidence and certainty would be nice to have.


Expansion is within sight. How do you get there with your current workflow processes and resources?

Let our professionals explore the iDiscovery® difference for your project

Our Solutions

Begining with our Legal Hold Automation solution, our iDiscovery® ecosystem is designed to provide you with organizational scale by augmenting your professionals with ours.

As legal professionals, we understand the complexities and significance of an effective discovery strategy.

We support some of the best firms and companies to do their best work.
Find out how iDiscovery® can help you do your best work. Leveraging our people, innovation, and technology alongside our clients helps them scale and improve efficiency for discovery, review, and production.


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