HIPAA Compliant eDiscovery & Managed Document Review



Cicayda’s eDiscovery tools processed approximately 4.1 TBs (4200 GBs) of data, and through deduping, system file removal, date filtering and keyword filtering, we then reduced that data set down to approximately 800 GBs of data. Cicayda hosted natives, images and text in Reprise, where the client reviewed and acquired search results within seconds, despite the huge data size. Cicayda provided all the custom solutions for the discovery cycle for this case. This included strategy, consulting, processing, review and managed review services.


The client faced a common problem, they had a massive amount of data to ingest and review in a very tight deadline. The client was very concerned with costs, therefore needed to reduce the review set size as much as possible. The client wanted to efficiently identify the most important documents in the case. They had hundreds of search terms to apply to the data, many of which had proximity searches and wild cards, therefore a significant amount of formatting /variations needed to be evaluated for each term. After all the documents were loaded in Reprise, the client needed to review all potentially privileged documents, and did not have enough bandwidth in house to make this happen prior to their deadline.


The Client needed a cost-effective solution that would effectively handle over 4TB of data.
The Client had a tight deadline and several productions, and needed a team that would work diligently to make each deadline.
The Client needed a provider that was HIPAA compliant, and a review team that redacted personal health information.
The Client needed a full-service provider, that would help them from beginning to end with their eDiscovery needs.

How Cicayda Handled the Challenges:

Cicayda’s team significantly reduced the data set size before we imported the data into our review tool, which saved the client a substantial amount of money. Cicayda Project Managers ran search hit reports to determine how many hits there were on each search term. This helped identify the most important documents in the case, and allowed them to prioritize which documents to review first.

Our expert project managers spent time coming up with variations of the search terms and reformatted the terms to help the client get the results they needed quickly and efficiently. Our project managers used the Analyze feature in Reprise and combined massive searches, which helped the client obtain the document set they wanted to produce. Cicayda’s Analyze feature allowed users to calculate how specific terms, dates, keywords affect the data set instantly. Using the analytics tool, we were able locate and identify instantly email addresses of potentially privileged parties, which segregated documents for further review.

Cicayda provided bandwidth for the client through our managed review services. A team of experienced licensed reviewers assisted with the review of the potentially privileged documents. With counsel’s direction, Cicayda created a streamlined work flow that allowed the review team to efficiently and effectively get through the large review set. The review team reviewed 3 sets of documents, roughly 24,000 total, and evaluated the following:

1. Whether the document was privileged, and if so applied the correct privilege tag (attorney client/ work product).

2. If a document was privileged, the team determined if it was responsive to a specific request, and if so applied the correct subject matter tag.

The review team averaged a pace of 100 documents per hour. Despite the multiple subject matter tags and specific tagging criteria, the team finished the review of the documents and proper QC measures prior to the deadline, which resulted in an extremely pleased client. Reprise’s manage review module allowed counsel to have real time metrics on each individual reviewer’s progress, which showed instant statistics on speed, time to competition and ability to directly QC each reviewers work.

End Result

The client was extremely pleased with the overall low costs, speed of the review tool, and efficiency of the managed review services Cicayda delivered. The client was very impressed with the level of dedication the project managers gave this matter, and appreciated all of the work they put in to assist the client with a quick productions of search hit reports. The client was so pleased, that they used Cicayda’s services for future cases..

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