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Cicayda is the fastest cloud-based eDiscovery platform, providing real-time search and analytics regardless of the data size. Our team is proactive and well versed not only in technology, but in the entire eDiscovery workflow from collections, to review management, to productions. Most importantly, we put our customers first. Our easy-to-use software is backed by our expert staff to help you navigate the challenges of eDiscovery.

Our Reprise platform organizes your documents allowing you to search them by date, keywords, file types, full text or any other category. In addition to complex searching, the Reprise PaaS includes real-time analytics utilizing natural language understanding to provide deep insight into the data. This feature lowers the amount of time your staff spend researching and combing through massive amounts of information. Finally, Reprise provides a robust manage review utility providing minute-by-minute review statistics for matters requiring tens of reviewers.

Fermata, our legal hold platform allows users to manage all their legal hold needs within the cloud. Fermata legal hold makes staff more productive, legal holds more accurate, and the entire process more defensible. All for peace of mind. Fermata is the exceptional choice in legal hold software, providing high value, immediate ROI, and the convenience of the cloud.