Success Team of experienced
litigators and eDiscovery lawyers

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    Analysis of adversary’s eDiscovery protocol or proposal – search terms & cost

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    Workflow & project design

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    Document Retention

    Document retention policies, data maps & third party sources of information

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    Loss Prevention

    Data loss prevention methods & systems

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    Data collection of processing

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    Litigation hold

    Litigation hold processes & procedures

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    Email Retention

    Email retention policies

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    Social Media

    Social media policies

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    Managed document review

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    Meet & Confer

    Meet & confer preparation

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    Case Management

    Case management conference preparation

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    Proportionality analysis & terms

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    Search Terms

    Search methodology & terms

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    eDiscovery Audit

    Audit eDiscovery expenditures & processes

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    ediscovery Training

    We will come to you

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    Social media

    Social media policies

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We put together a Dream Team of litigators and legal professionals to provide the very best litigation consulting. Our attorneys on staff, professional discovery managers, and tech mavens have handled thousands of eDiscovery matters, efficiently and successfully. We have been in the courtrooms of the USA as first chair, second chair, and litigation support. We draw on all this experience to provide our clients with solid processes, tight budgets, and winning results.

The business of law and the role of lawyers are quickly evolving. Corporate counsel must continuously improve processes in order to do more with less, and to be able to respond rapidly to external threats such as government investigations. Outside counsel, too, have no time to learn and get trained on legacy, outmoded technology. IT and litigation support staff are over-taxed.

Our focus is on helping inside and outside counsel establish high value in the discovery process, and discover ways to make the life of all involved in the litigation support process happier, more productive, and less expensive. We believe that technology should help you win, not just do the work.

We regularly find 25% or more savings is how companies allow their data to be collected, processed, reviewed, and produced. Many companies incur incredibly high and unnecessary expenses, simply because “that’s the way it has been done.” Well, until now. At cicayda, we give our clients different, smarter, and more efficient choices in legal holds, data collection, data processing, document review, and productions.

We offer many new paths to success. Our professionals can conduct an eDiscovery audit of your current practices, including productivity and expense management. We assist with eDiscovery review protocols that streamline the review process, using our best practices approach to your particular project. We are adept at collaborating with your team to hone search terms, syntax, and strategies to minimize your exposure and maximize your discovery efforts as to your opponent. Our emphasis is to help you achieve your litigation goals, yes even winning your case, rather than shoehorning you into a archaic process, outmoded software, or byzantine workflow.

Cicayda consulting’s main goal is knowledge strategy, and that’s a key reason why we offer a full-time expert knowledge strategist. Get the Cicayda Dream Team today and you will see the cicayda difference immediately!

your success is cicayda’s success!

A law firm sought better technology and decided to migrate its case data from a “leading” ediscovery review tool to Reprise. The law firm immediately reported superior ease of use and improved stability across a matter with data of 500 GBs and 500,000 records of images, native files, and text, with over 250 metadata fields, with 15+ end-users.

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