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Start with a well orchestrated legal hold. fermata legal hold promotes defensibility at the start of litigation. fermata makes your staff more productive and your legal hold more accurate, while relieving burden on IT.

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fermata makes staff more productive, legal holds more accurate, and the entire process more defensible. All for peace of mind. fermata is the exceptional choice in legal hold software, providing high value, immediate ROI, and the convenience of the cloud.


easy questionnaires

Create, save, and re-use custom questionnaires across all your matters.


real time status reporting

See who has completed the questionnaires and send reminders to those who have not across all pending holds.

easy to manage

Send and monitor notices of updates, status reminders, change’s in questionnaires, etc. All legal holds are in one easy-to-track dashboard.

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Easy, just press the hold button.

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Companies often find that the first and most critical step to litigation success is executing an effective, defensible legal hold. A winnable case can suffer at the outset by a flawed legal hold effort.

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