Cicayda Releases Next Generation Legal Hold Tool Fermata

release of its latest version of its Fermata Legal hold application

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cicayda, a legal discovery solution delivering 100% cloud-based litigation hold and eDiscovery applications, today announced the release of its latest version of its Fermata Legal hold application.

Clark Rickman, Cicayda’s Chief of Special Development, took on the product update as his first major initiative. “Our Fermata Legal Hold clients have been our most loyal clients. We performed a requirements analysis by listening to their requests, and as a result gave Fermata some needed attention. That said, we didn’t want to restrict our work to an upgrade, we wanted to blow their minds with an improved look and feel, ease-of-use, and more features,” commented Rickman.

The latest version of Fermata Legal Hold includes eleven major improvements:

  • Notice templates will now simplify the creation of notices, and provide consistency and familiarity for notice recipients.
  • Active Directory Integration now empowers Fermata clients to securely add users to matters directly from their own network.
  • Expanded questionnaire system includes conditional questions and new question types.
  • Custom mail server support will enable Fermata clients to securely use their own mail servers to eliminate spam filtering and other notice delivery issues.
  • Ability to folder holds allows large hold volumes instant search quick retrieval
  • Ability to set Global Hold Status – the hold date of each person across all matters is instantly available.
  • Clients can now instantly release custodians from all holds with a single click.
  • Hold notices are now equipped with email attachment support.
  • New search and sort functions apply across people, questionnaires, and notices for easy organization and identification.
  • Mobile devices display is greatly improved for quick access when not at your computer.
  • User Groups now allow designated Fermata users to only access a subset of all matters.

“2017 will see many additional features to come, including integrations with other widely used software. Many of our corporate clients are trapped tracking complicated legal communications with spreadsheets and email. We target their very specific needs, and solve them with easy to use and affordable solutions,” Rickman added.

About Cicayda:

Cicayda has developed cloud-based legal hold software that allows users to track and manage the entire litigation hold cycle. Cicayda also has developed its own advanced cloud-based eDiscovery software that provides real time analytics and search results in conjunction with tailored workflows for legal review, research and production. Cicayda provides managed review services, eDiscovery processing and consulting to clients in order to provide end to end assist in litigation.

Media Contact:
Frankie Mohylsky