Legal Hold Administration Cost Estimator


Designed to assist in evaluating your legal hold policy administration costs across your firm or corporation including staff, software licenses and outside counsel. Estimated time to complete: 2 mins.

Studying thousands of legal hold matters reveals:
  • Some element of each matter is touched once almost every day during the life of the matter
  • On average, legal hold matters remain open for 772 days or 110 weeks
  • The average number of Custodians per matter in corporate settings is 58 and for large organizations can reach more than 1,000
  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual compensation for the Paralegal role is $69,720 or $33.52 per hr. including benefits. (January 2019, N > 1,000)

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The Numbers

Grey input cells should be revised to reflect your operations, use of outside counsel, software licensing costs and number of legal holds annually. When complete, click the “Calculate" button.

In addition to the results shown, you will receive an email with those same results showing your estimated legal hold administration costs and costs when using Fermata. You can revise your inputs and submit as many times as needed.

In House Legal Team
Total number of FTE's in each role (include partial) Estimated % of time per week administering elements of Legal Hold Avg. Hourly Compensation Including Benefits
Paralegal * 1 10% $33.52
Paralegal Assistant * 1 5% $33.52
Corporate Paralegal * 1 5% $33.52
Other Administrative * 1 5% $25.00
Attorney - Internal * 1 5% $120.00
  In House Software Annual License Cost $100
  Legal Hold matters administered annually?
  Monthly Outside Counsel Utilization  
  Rate Hours  
  $250 1