Legal Hold Automation

“The Fermata Legal Hold interface is intuitive and user-friendly enabling easy tracking, searching, cross-referencing and reporting.”
Top 75 National Trucking Company

Busy organizations need intuitive technology to drive efficiency.

Avoid Time-Consuming Integration and Customization Fees.

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What does your Legal Hold admin process cost today?
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How much time does your team expend managing Legal Hold?
If you could free up a portion of that staff time, what is the organizational value of those hours?
Software brings efficiency but costs money.
What’s the net effect?
If you were to use Fermata, what would the overall financial impact look like including the licensing costs? Is it positive or negative?



Opens staff's time up for other endeavors


Automation ensures tracking and communication are auditable and defensible.


Ensures nothing is missed and deadlines are achieved.


Makes for fast easy & seamless tracking and accountability.


Two-factor authentication ensures security

Manage Your Legal Hold in the Cloud
Automate Your Processes

Fermata Has Experience Managing...

Over 12,000 Holds

Over 150,000 Custodians

Over 800,000 Records

A Proven Solution

“Managing Legal Hold with spreadsheets and email is tough. Not to mention time-consuming and costly.”

Not with Fermata.

Here is What You Won't Have to Worry About:

Easy to Set-up. Easy to Use. Unlimited Users.

Scalable. Defensible. Economical.

FRCP 37(e) obligates organizations to take reasonable steps to preserve ESI in the anticipation of or as a result of litigation.
Research Reveals the Average Duration of a Legal Hold Matter is Over 2 Years with 58 Custodians. Some have thousands of custodians.

Industries That Trust Fermata With Legal Hold Automation Include:


New to Legal Hold Automation? We Can Help!

Fermata Also Includes...
- Step by Step Set-up and Use Guides
- Library of Template Documents
- Interactive Function Overview
- Guide to Establishing a Legal Hold Policy
- Frequently Asked Questions
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Fermata Pricing

What's included?

Each licensing plan is fully functional. This means unlimited custodians, communications, questionnaires, notes, reports, etc. Our latest version is always deployed to all users regardless of the licensing plan chosen.

Choose one of three easy licensing models.



Perfect for organizations with less than 60 Matters annually or short term Matters. $65 per Matter per month.  Or save 23% with a $600 annual license.



Use our fully functional, latest version of Fermata for free. Use it for up to 24 months for your first Matter on us.  No strings attached.



Anticipating more than 60 matters annually? The UNLIMITED plan is your best option. 100 matters? 1000 matters? All covered annually. *Three-year agreement required.

You may be wondering...

Will I need to download software?

No, you will not. Fermata is hosted on secure cloud servers and managed by one of the best technology teams in the industry.

Once I start using Fermata for free on my first Matter, what is my price to add another Matter?


Once we’ve used Fermata on our first Matter and it extends beyond 24 months, what is the cost to continue to use Fermata?

$600.  The same as using it for an additional Matter.

What is the renewal timing of the annual Matter licensing?

Each Matter license renews on the 366th day; one year following the day of its inception.  The exception is the Unlimited Matter Licensing which renews on a twelve month cycle beginning in the first month of inception.

Can our current Hold data be uploaded to Fermata?

Yes. Whether you have been using spread sheets or other tools including other Hold products, our technical team can integrate that data into Fermata.  Give us a call to explore the specifics.

I need a Legal Hold tool now and have more than one Matter to manage. What is my annual cost?

The Free pricing plan is extended to each new Customer (outside of the Unlimited Plan) for the first two (2) years on your first Matter.  For example, if you have five (5) Matters today, your price is calculated on only four (4) Matters. 4 X $600 = $2,400.

Are there cancellation penalties to release a hold or stop using Fermata?

None at all.

What are my payment options?

We accept Credit Cards, valid Purchase Orders or ACH.  New users choosing the Free plan will not be invoiced until an additional Matter is added. 

What are the limitations of the free plan? And why free?

Research indicates more than half of all organizations don’t use defensible, appropriately designed tools for their Litigation Hold Matters.  This results in inefficiency and risk of evidence spoliation or deletion, driving the need for an economical, easy to implement solution.  So we designed and built one.   

We are so confident you will appreciate the simplicity and defensibility of Fermata’s easy to use design, we are happy to license it to you; fully featured and without functional limitation for up to 24 months at no charge.   

If you are willing to invest and use Fermata, we want to honor that investment and allow you to actually use it, certain you will find great utility in Fermata for all your Hold Matters. We think you’ll like our friendly team and customer service too.