Over 10,000 matters resolved with Fermata so far.

Manage your legal hold in the cloud.

Why Fermata?

Fermata legal hold makes staff more productive, legal holds more accurate, and the entire process more defensible. All for peace of mind. Fermata is the exceptional choice in legal hold software, providing high value, immediate ROI, and the convenience of the cloud.

Issue Holds

Eliminate the scramble to issue a hold when the need arises. Fermata allows users to create a matter, import custodians, and issue a hold in a matter of minutes, while keeping the entire process defensible.

Manage Custodians

Remove the need for cumbersome spreadsheets to manage your custodians. Users can create custodians in seconds or import an existing list into Fermata and have a hold issued in minutes.

Notices & Questionnaires

Creating, issuing, and managing notices/questionnaires is as easy as writing an e-mail. These can also be saved as templates for reuse across your matters.

Status Reporting

Our system shows the status of all your matters and updates in real time. Response to notices, questionnaires completed, custodians held and released are all presented to you through our intuitive interface.


Fermata seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix Sharefile for an optimized workflow. Access important documentation easily and share throughout your organization.

Quality Control

Send test notices and questionnaires to designated personnel for approval prior to distributing the actual notice.

Speed and Power

Whether you have one hold or one thousand, one custodian or thousands, Fermata enables you to instantly access your data, send notices and access records with no latency and plenty of shortcuts.

Custodian Master List

Instantly see each custodian’s hold status, including how many holds they are under, which holds, and how long they have been under hold. Release and hold individual, or all custodians, from one or all holds in a snap.

Reporting Tools

Powerful tools such as filtering, field selection and ordering, and one click export tools (excel/csv/pdf/print) allow you to access the hold records in the format you need them.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Corporate clients enjoy unlimited users, holds, custodians, notices, questionnaires, and all other features for one, fixed annual rate.

Over 10,000 matters resolved with Fermata so far.

Manage your legal hold in the cloud.

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