Local Installs Have Been Good To You

It’s true and there is no denying it. You had a great run with on-premises solutions for years. They were easy to install, users finally learned how to execute a search, and it was easy enough to manage the handful of cds that would come in from time to time.

But now… Uggh…

You’re servers are getting older like the rest of us, you’re getting more and more hard drives of data, and users have now started complaining about speed. It’s a nightmare to try and process large amounts in house and even local vendors are unable to process data in reasonable amounts of time.

The legacy platforms have had their time and it’s no longer good enough to have users knocked off remote terminal sessions or having time to get coffee as searches execute. (BTW, this reminds me of booting Windows 3.11 with a network connection. You could actually go brew coffee!)

I know, you’re thinking of moving to the cloud. It seems like the right way to go, right?

Well, it’s not only easier than it seems but, with the correct partner, the transition to cloud brings you lots of support.

Aren’t all cloud ediscovery tools DIY?

No. In fact, Cicayda’s Reprise is a fully cloud based legal discovery platform but we have fantastic support teams backing you up from start to finish.

There is absolutely no reason to keep hiring internal staff for litigation support when we have the team to help perform all the heavy lifting.

We will help. We don’t want to provide you with black box, self-serve, single round processing and then the great mystery of trying to spend unbillable hours determining what processed, what had errors, did my data actually make it into this system, etc.

We also don’t want you to be left in the cold when every user now wants to have hands on training for this new software. We train and train some more.

However, Reprise is by far the easiest legal discovery tool for end users, period. It’s a secret but between you and me…we made it easy on purpose.

Why let Cicayda Support provide litigation support services?

Because we’re good at it. And, you have better things to do than monitoring data processing jobs and creating productions. Our team has spent years developing solid workflows to handle all types of legal discovery processing and incoming productions leaving you with time to focus on the important things.

What is more important than ESI Processing?

Just kidding. I know you’d never ask that question.

You now have time to get involved with matters earlier than when a drive arrives with a sticky note on your desk.

You now have time to promote better pre discovery agreements, specific document requests, and ESI orders. The true value in litigation support is the expertise in the process not the mouse clicks.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the fun stuff — using analytics and finding those key items!

Stop here if you’d rather be loading processing jobs and exporting pdfs rather than running keyword comparisons and exploring the unknown unknowns within that massive dataset. This article is not for you.

Why migrate to the cloud for legal discovery?

Okay, let’s start with 9 basic value propositions for migrating to the cloud

  1. No more local installations! This is obvious but it is a strong reason to migrate because you don’t have to install client applications or terminal server clients.
  2. Nothing has to be installed. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  3. No more local servers. Get rid of those boxes and don’t renew those hardware and software maintenance contracts.
  4. Your users and their co-counsels can login from anywhere. Did they forget their laptop? No problem! Suggest they open the browser on their phone or tablet then login. Solved.
  5. We can archive and store data forever. We provide very affordable long term archiving so you never have to worry about remembering where that old, unlabeled hard drive is in the office.
  6. No more backup tapes for discovery. We are secure and replicated. Reprise is 256-bit encrypted in transit and at rest. It is also replicated in the cloud both east and west.
  7. Cicayda provides support. We want to help you and your firm. The best way we can do that beyond our lighting fast products is to provide you with a fabulous support team.
  8. We scale in realtime. Yup – we have not found a dataset that is large enough to stop searches from executing in less than one second. That goes for analytics too. Oh, and users as well. We can add hundreds of users in a day to a matter without the fear of having someone’s session crash.
  9. Your administrative budget is back! We have flexible billing and can even bill your clients direct if you’d like. Recoup those dollars flying out the door for software installation.
  10. No more waiting on upgrade schedules. Gone are the days where you are 3 versions behind because IT or your vendor doesn’t rollout updates on a regular schedule. You are always up to date in the Cicayda cloud.

What are the steps for migrating legal discovery to the cloud?

  1. The first step is starting a conversation.
    If you have an upcoming matter, let’s chat. Let us handle the data shuffling and let you stay focused on the process.
  2. Let’s create a plan for your existing data.
    Make a list of what matters are lingering on the server(s). I bet that you have a handful of matters than we can delete right from the start. The others are either still active or simply need to be archived.
  3. Exporting the matters for us.
    It’s as simple as exporting a production. We will take that export and either place it into long term archive or spin up an active matter. Remember, no installation so your users can start right searching and reviewing documents the minute you’re online.
  4. Tally the total data size for you firm.
    We want you and your clients to be happy about migrating to the cloud. That’s why we will apply discounts across all matters within your firm.
    It’s not fair for short term, small sized matters to carry the high costs when only a few really large matters get the heavy discount. So, we calculate the total data size for your firm or legal department and then apply the discount accordingly.

Yes, the guide is only 4 steps and, yes, the fourth one was a throw in to make the list longer. But why is the guide to migrating to the cloud so short you may ask. Because it should be.

Let’s start with step one and get a conversation going.