Managed Document Review

Need on-demand, experienced team of legal talent? Corporate counsel and law firms LOVE our managed review services! Cicayda provides a wealth of highly qualified and experience professionals for managed document review – US licensed attorneys, JD’s paralegals, team leads, and review consutants and review project managers – all at your fingertips.

Cicayda offers managed document review services using US licensed attorneys, JD’s, or paralegals for reviews as clients prefer. The oversight of our managed review department is handled by an industry expert with over twenty five years of legal staffing and review workflow experience. Our project managers are all licensed attorneys. Teams are available with little notice (< 24 hours) but we prefer 24 to 48 hour lead-time for managed reviews to ensure proper trainings and protocols are in place.

All of cicayda reviewers go through a vigorous screening process. They are personally interviewed by one of the MDR team, references are confirmed,licenses are checked and certified to be active and in good standing with no history of discipline, education is verified additional background information is checked and verified.

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Cicayda MDR Hotline Phone number (855) 448-0708 x404

30+ Years of experience

Consultants, project managers, US licensed attorneys, JD’s and paralegals.

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    Project design & consulting

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    24-hour fully-secure turnkey facility

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    Defensible review procedures

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    First pass, QC, redaction & priv log reviews

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    Customized workflow & protocols

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    Managed contracts review comparison

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    Experienced project management

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    Licensed attorneys, JDs, paralegals & law clerks

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    Technology agnostic, technology proficient

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    Real-time reporting & metrics

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    Foreign language review


The team is familiar with HIPPAA laws, business and contracts reviews and analysis, patent and trademark cases, government investigations, class action suits and MDL’s, healthcare law, pharmaceutical cases, products liability and general litigation.

Experienced workflow and review

Cicayda project managers and review consultants can assist with protocol templates, tagging names and order, workflow for QC, Ist pass, 2nd pass, privilege reviews and redactions. Although we are review tool agnostic in the review center, our review project managers and consultants are fluent in reprise. All reviews are calibrated on the first day to assure that the team has a true understanding of the protocol and case strategy.

We offer total qc to our clients at either 5% or 10% depending on the case, the amount of documents and client preference.. Team meetings are held once or twice a day as needed

Pricing Structure that Works

Pricing can be done per doc, or flat fee should we be able to review sample documents, but typically clients have requested hourly rates We do not charge differently for 1st pass, 2nd Pass, QC, redactions or privilege review. We find it best to pay one rate so that the team can fluidly move between tasks as the review progresses.


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