cicayda’s flexible pricing plan

Our flexible pricing is tailored to your particular case or matter.
Because we believe in transparency, our pricing is predictable and certain.

Best of All

There are no user fees, no seat fees, no installation fees, no separate license payments, no extra charges for advanced text analytics. We are web hosted, so your IT burden is relieved.


See Immediate Benefits

We are glad to itemize everything in advance: data ingestion, data reduction, data processing, load file creation, productions, our expert project management, and software hosting for 12 months.

Pretty Simple

All feature updates, support, and training are included, too. Because we keep track of each matter on a per project basis, you easily can track and bill your clients directly. No overhead; no investment. Best of all, no surprises!

Yes We Are Different It's time to take a look at cicayda!

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Best Price Comparison

If you believe you might have better pricing from another company, let us help you compare apples to apples. We will assist you in getting the certainty you need for budgeting your project, so that your project stays on time and on budget.

Pricing Certainty and Flexibility

How about them apples. Contact us today.



TIE 2015 top start ups
Nashville next award finalist
Stanford codex featured presenter

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