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Cicayda is the most powerful ediscovery software on the planet for organizing, searching, and analyzing discovery data and documents. Built with the most advanced technologies, Cicayda features early case assessment, search, coding, tagging, text analysis, review, review administration, and data storage all in one, beautiful software platform

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Unified eDiscovery with unparalleled speed and analytics



Easy to navigate document review with speed and simplicity, and all the critical functionality – tagging, redactions, review, notes, etc.


Unique approach to case management and batching with the assignments feature – one large batch of documents for entire review team prevents overlap in tagging, with family groups locked out from other reviewers.

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search builder

Our propietary search builder gives you the power to build, visualize, and understand nuanced, complex searches. Alter searches with a single click. Enjoy the powerful results.


relationship analytics

Instantly know who the key players are, who is connected to them, the key organizations, the relevant date ranges, and even important locations. User friendly results clearly reveal what is relevant. Most importantly, find the “black swans” or the “unknown unknowns” in your data sets.

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“I have had the opportunity to use cicayda in connection with a rush project … We have been very happy at every level, e.g., cost, responsiveness, project management, etc. In addition, we are working cicayda into the client matters in which we have been engaged to handle eDiscovery on a firm wide basis.”

– Partner, AmLaw Top 15 Law Firm

deep case analysis

Data imported to reprise is automatically analyzed and grouped by relationships. This method delivers the relevant documents for a faster and earlier understanding of the data. Also easily calculate your review costs and your risk in a snap.


all you need

Email family navigation, bulk tagging and untagging, labeling, key word filtering, privilege identification, redactions, notes, etc.


TIE 2015 top start ups
Nashville next award finalist
Stanford codex featured presenter

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