20-Year Legal Veteran Takes Over Role as VP of Special Projects at Cicayda

Brad Bailey as its new VP of Special Projects

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cicayda, a legal discovery solution delivering 100% cloud-based eDiscovery applications, today announced Brad Bailey as its new VP of Special Projects.

Bailey brings over 20 years of litigation support experience to the table, and has worked in various practice areas including commercial defense litigation, Qui Tam/ Whistleblower/ False Claims Act cases, Securities and Fraud cases, Class Action and Mass Torts.

Bailey has worked as an eDiscovery PM for both Cicayda and FTI in D.C., providing creative, sound, defensible eDiscovery solutions to meet the needs of clients. “Training users, and enabling them to become proficient in working cases in the same manner as advanced lit techs, is as rewarding to me as working the cases myself for the past 20 years,” said Bailey.

He has advised clients on all stages of the EDRM including preservation, collection, processing, review, and production of ESI in civil, regulatory, and criminal matters, as well as trial support and technology thereof.

“I truly love working cases in Cicayda’s software, Reprise, as it is super fast, and the graphic search builder gives you the unlimited ability to search, cull and filter any combination of text, metadata fields, tags, and analytics without having to research proper syntax concerning the same. Reprise is the most cost-efficient, scalable tool out there for firms wanting to stay ahead of the curve,” stated Bailey. “I look forward to continuing to advance Cicayda’s mission by enabling attorneys and staff to become proficient in leveraging technology to accomplish large goals and helping attorneys and staff serve their clients in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.”

About Cicayda
Cicayda is a software company delivering 100% cloud-based e-discovery applications. Led by venerable legal technology and legal professionals, the Cicayda suite of eDiscovery tools includes legal hold management, processing, review, and real time search/analytics results. Cicayda provides on-demand legal professionals for any size or type of document review, whether an eDiscovery project, contract review, compliance, due diligence review, or responding to a government investigation. About the name: A blue-eyed cicada is that one-in-a-million cicada, genetically unique. Our cloud-based platform gives lawyers the best chance of finding that one-in-a-million document in the torrential swarm and loud noise of eDiscovery. www.cicayda.com.

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